non oxidizing foundation for oily skin

The best non oxidizing foundation for oily skin

We all want a structure that takes on our expectations.

For girls with combination-oily skin it can take a lot of time to find the best foundation for oily skin. Particularly in the summertime. Many foundations on oily skin slide off minutes after using it as well as make the face looks shiny and darker in gain access to.

A foundation that does not make your face darker is foundation which doesn’t oxidize. Exactly oxidation makes us look supernatural and darker than our original complexion.


What is oxidation


Oxidation occurs when an aspect’s direct exposure to oxygen lead to a modification in its look. An example of this is exactly how apples turn brownish after being sliced.


Oxidizing apple's slices
Oxidizing apple’s slices


These things oxidize makeup


By nature, the minerals in makeup are vulnerable to oxidation. Titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, and also iron oxide are three minerals commonly found in make-up. If these minerals are high up in the ingredient listing, then is more probable to oxidize makeup.

And all of us have acidic skin: healthy skin needs has the acid mantle because the level of acidity actually shields from germs and irritability. However, the degree of acidity can vary from anywhere in between 4.2 to 5.6 so it is possible for some people to be a lot more acidic than others.

And makeup combining with our skin’s natural oils might make differing make-up responses amongst different faces. That is why you ever before swatched foundation in the store, fell in love, and also acquired it only to discover that it had turned darker (or worse, transformed orange!) when you got home.


How to avoid oxidizing makeup


non oxidizing foundation for oily skin
Non oxidizing foundation for oily skin



Check the ingredients of your makeup. If you haven’t currently, try using an oil free foundation so that the oils of your makeup will certainly not respond to the oils of your skin. Additionally, look for foundations with antioxidants as these assistance fight free radicals which trigger oxidation. Common anti-oxidants found in cosmetics include vitamin E, environment-friendly tea, and also resveratrol.

Switch your skincare. Having too much oil in the face can contribute to oxidation. Utilize an oil-reducing cleanser and light-weight moisturizer.

Use a primer. It puts an obstacle between the skin and also make-up, making it less likely for reactions to occur.

Maintain your face oil-free throughout the day. This consists of blotting your face prior to and after using structure to stop oil from seeping with. Blot your face when it feels also oily throughout the day, also • Keep your foundation fresh. Our foundation bottles get exposed to oxygen, also, so it’s ideal to ensure that they’re constantly tightly covered.

Get a lighter foundation. If all else fails and also your skin is extra acidic as well as oily, then acquire a structure in a lighter shade. When you try on a foundation, inspect exactly how the shade changes after a couple of hrs of wear before choosing which color is right for you.


These tips are not foolproof but can make your situation much better.

To help you choose a fantastic non-oxidizing foundation, I have actually assembled a checklist for combination-oily skinned appeals.



15 best non-oxidizing foundations for oily skin



1. Anti-Blemish Solutions Liquid Makeup, Clinique


The texture of the cream powder easily and evenly falls on the skin and can last up to 6 hours. The best for evenings. Perfect make up for oily skin. It’s an oil free foundation.

The active ingredients in the cream reduce the production of excess skin fat, restore skin balance and prevent the appearance of inflammation. Toning pigments reliably mask enlarged pores, pimples and black dots.

If you are looking for the best foundation for oily skin, pay attention to it!


Anti-Blemish Solutions Liquid Makeup Clinique


2. Skin Foundation, Bobbi Brown


For evening masking make up for oily skin, this is a good alternative to the previous version. It has a dense coating with a voluminous matte effect but at the same time a breathable texture. Those who have already tried this tool say that the cream “keeps the face” up to 10 hours. Makeup artists also praise it for its good texture. The formula with seaweed and natural mineral powder does not cause acne, controls the production of sebum and prevents greasy Shine.


Skin Foundation Bobbi Brown


3. Double Wear, Estee Lauder


The heavy-duty foundation can be found in one of the best variety of shades in its kind. The structure brand claims to stay up for at least 16hrs and also has quite a cult in complying with amongst all the makeup lovers around the world. When it involves the protection and resilient power, this is a real offer you must crack. The texture is really light and a little dripping.

The structure sets up very rapidly and also lasts forever till you intend to rinse it off, and is non-transferable also. As a matter of fact, you will need a powerful make-up cleaner to remove it entirely. It offers you a heavy coverage which covers all the marks, acnes or colorings, even when used without a concealer. Yet, still, then, the coating looks silky smooth as well as not cakey. It is also extremely effective in controlling oil. Has SPF 10.


Double Wear Estee Lauder



4. Match Perfection Foundation, Rimmel


It is praised by those who begin to “Shine” within 2 hours after applying. The cream does not roll off and mattifies well. Makes great make up for oily skin. Gives the effect of a rested face. To mask all the shortcomings, you will need additional concealers. Although, given the budget price, this is not a big problem.


Match Perfection Foundation Rimmel



5. Diorskin Star, Dior


Light pulse technology gives a radiant Studio effect. At the same time, the cream itself is suitable for oily skin. This paradox is removed by light filters: they correct the color balance and eliminate color traps. Make-up artists claim that the finish of Diorskin Star has a rich, even color and money is not spent in vain. One “but”: all shades are yellow.



Diorskin Star Dior


6. All Day, NARS


One more phenomenal and also luminescent formula on the listing is from NARS, which claims to go a long way with simply a little amount. The item is a favored among many charm experts, it has a dedicated fan base which swears by the stunning surface as well as heavy duty longevity to it.

The container includes a pumping box, however still, it can be a little complicated to use. The formula is on its runny side, yet not precisely watery or uncomfortable. It offers an all-natural coating that falls precisely between matte as well as fresh look. The durability of the item is its heavy duty, as well as the 15-hours which are claimed is not highly overstated. It stays for a longer time as well as gives a shine-free seek a minimum of 12 hrs, and also with a little setting powder, it can conveniently touch the 15-hour mark.


All Day NARS



7. Hourglass Immaculate Liquid 


One more top-ranked in the faves of several beauty enthusiasts, this structure has a grainy coating to it which is oil free foundation. The creamy matte coating stays up for a long time period.

The fluid foundation is improved with cashmere kaolinite clay, and this fluid foundation becomes a fine-grained formula when applied. It really continues to be oil-free for longer hrs. The coverage provided by the foundation is outstanding because it covers all the blemishes and flaw for a flawless and also glowing matte finish. Though there are a number of followers, that rave regarding the superb protection and finish given by it.


The structure can be found in a really minimal selection of tones, hence finding the ideal suit for each complexion can be a matter of wonderful obstacle.


Hourglass Immaculate Liquid 



8. Silk Crème, Laure Mercier


Oil free foundation. The oil control though might not be as long-term as 12 hours as promised, can be a respectable job for 6 plus hrs. Nonetheless, with a significant price tag like this one, 6 hours maintains you a little much more desiring.The very best part regarding this foundation is the attractive and also remarkable coverage as it brings out a subtle fresh finish. The application really appears like the second skin, yet does not offer a cakey appearance. It creates a restricted selection of only 12 tones and locating a perfect match for darker complexion can be a method difficult work.


Silk Crème Laure Mercier



9. Maestro Fusion Makeup SPF15, Giorgio Armani


Perfect mineral Foundation. It does not clog the skin, while moisturizing and saturating it with active components. At the finish, it gives the same effect of light photoshop, which is sought by many manufacturers of tonal foundations for oily skin.

The matting is really long. If you blot the skin with a special cloth in the middle of the day, the makeup becomes as new – the cream does not run away, does not slip. It masks well and layers well.

If you need to more carefully mask a certain area of skin, you need to apply a cream to it with patting movements, wait a little and blot it with a napkin. If necessary, the procedure can be repeated. This way you can hide some skin imperfections, such as a pimple or pigmentation, but the face will not look like it has tons of makeup on.

The only drawback of this foundation is the high price.


Maestro Fusion Makeup SPF15 Giorgio Armani



 10. Natural Finish, Cover FX


The free-oil foundation provides an all-natural matte surface and stays up for great 8-10 hours. The item comes in an outstanding variety of shades, maintaining in mind warm, cool and neutral touches which permit you to find the perfect suit. It additionally promises a flawless coverage with longer shine-free hours.

The item is available in a straightforward tube and does not have a pump dispenser. The particularly designed formula is clean as well as free of parabens, sulfates, and gluten. It’s vegan and cruelty free foundation. The foundation has a thicker consistency which does not take a lot of efforts to assimilate further. It gives mostly moderate to high coverage.


Natural Finish Cover FX



11. Amazonian Clay, Tarte


It provides an extremely great as well as satin matte coating that provides medium insurance coverage. It can manage oil without drying the skin. The appearance is a little on the thicker side yet can mix up conveniently. The business declares to offer coverage for 12 hours on oily skin. But actually It starts subsiding within 5-6 hrs.

It includes SPF 15. The color alternatives are fairly restricted that makes it a little more challenging to discover a best suit. This structure is instilled with Amazonian clay which is favorite among numerous for its flawless surface and cleaner formula. This product is paraben totally free, gluten totally free, it’s a cruelty free foundation, and also has all-natural sun blocks like titanium dioxide

Tarte Amazonian Clay



12. Lasting silk UV foundation, Giorgio Armani


Gives a second skin effect and an elegant velvety finish. It is well applied and distributed on the skin, providing a “silk touch” feeling. Fine powder with minerals in the composition prevents greasy Shine, well evens the tone. Naturally highlights the face and as if specially designed for portrait shooting.

Before using it, clean the skin well, otherwise, it may emphasize the pores and relief. Minus the cream-a strong fragrance of roses.


Lasting silk UV foundation Giorgio Armani



13. Aqua Luminous, Becca 


The structure is the light, buildable, liquid formula that imparts subtle luminosity with a rather weightless as well as comfortable feel. If you like a natural-looking, radiant, luminous skin with lighter insurance coverage which makes you enjoy this! For combination-to-oily skin, it’s recommended to use this foundation with a finishing powder, or with Ever-Matte Poreless Priming Perfector from BECCA.

However, it will certainly be readily available only in 8 tones and those of you have really pale or extremely dark skin tones might not discover a color that suits you. It has ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E, C, as well as Eco-friendly Algae Extracts- all of which hydrate and condition your skin from within. It’s a cruelty free foundation.


Aqua Luminous Becca



14. Cover FX Total Cover Cream Foundation, Sephora


An antioxidant-rich, 2-in-1 foundation and concealer offering wide range SPF 30 protection with tool to complete, buildable protection.

This is a lotion structure that’s ideal for those seeking full protection. It covers inflammation and also hyperpigmentation and works for those with delicate or acne-prone skin. Once more, this covers everything and has excellent long lasting power. Application can be tricky for those with completely dry skin; directly I definitely need a guide.


COVER FX Total Cover Cream Foundation Sephora


15. Aqua, Stila Cosmetics


The foundation really feels more serum-like, as opposed to simply a liquid structure. It is full of the goodness of plant-based antioxidants. Currently, it is most definitely among the few lightweight structure formulas in the market that will not damage you out or dry your skin in future, yet here’s the catch – it often tends to look a little synthetic when used during the daytime.

The intensity of glimmer in the formula may hold you when it involves this foundation. However, it can be worn during the nights as well as for unique occasions.


Aqua Stila Cosmetics



But no matter which one you choose, to make the tonal look perfect on the skin,

do it:

  • exfoliate well your skin 1-2 times a week
  • moisturize every day.
  • Before using foundation apply lightweight moisturizing base and wait for it to seep into your skin.
  • If it’s necessary apply a primer before going up with your foundation.
  • Look for textures like lightweight, light reflection, mystifying, Also it’s good for oily and combination skin a lightweight serum that is water-based.
  • Always test out the sample before purchasing your foundation.


Oil free foundation


I hope my list of foundations and tips will help you to choose the right foundation that will be a real friend for your skin! Look always great!

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