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TOP-5 Korean Beauty Trends – 2020

K-beauty trends in America are 90 percent healthy skin-related. All last year, the most sensational beauty trend was the “glass skin” effect. This trend implies a moisturized and radiant skin to a reflective mirror Shine, which the beauties achieved with a mix of oils, serums, and other super-moisturizers.

In 2020, a new trend is leading- is a “Cream skin”.


1. Cream skin


It means moisturized finish on the face.

The new concept supports beauty minimalism-the choice of just one product with a light and milky consistency. In today’s world, no one has the time to follow a long beauty routine or the ability to carry countless jars. Instead, consumers prefer products that can be used on the go, and that combine traditional skin care steps without sacrificing results. It requires much less effort than its predecessor.

That is why the new trend becomes popular very quickly.

One of the means that creates such an effect and for which everyone in Korea is going crazy today is a hybrid of toner and moisturizer from the Laneige brand.


korean beauty trends
Laneige Cream Skin Toner & Moisturizer


This is exactly the sensational tool that gave rise to the trend. Light liquid formula contains white tea water, rich in amino acids, which not only strengthens the skin barrier, but also moisturizes and soothes.

In fact, it is a light milky liquid, as if mixed with a cream for quick and convenient absorption into the skin. The idea is that the product prepares and softens the skin like a toner, and moisturizes like a cream to ensure enough smoothness and elasticity so that you don’t have to apply something else later.

The result is a still wet finish to the skin, but not as dazzling as last year’s fashionable glass skin, but soft, elastic and only slightly shiny, as if you have just applied a cream to your face and it has not yet had time to absorb.

So, looking back at the success of this product, other brands have also created their own versions and thus expanded the selection.

Cream- toners, which provide “Cream Skin” effect:

  • Laneige Cream Skin Toner & Moisturizer;
  • Hanskin Avocado Cream Skin;
  • The Yeon Liquid Cream;
  • CosRX, Light Fit Real Water Toner to Cream;
  • Avène Hydrance Light Hydrating Emulsion.


korean beauty trends
Cream- toners, which provide “Cream Skin” effect


2. Newtro


korean makeup trends
Newtro makeup


It becomes from adding the words “new” and “retro”.

The main principle: a combination of modern and retro trends mainly from the 60s. If you decide to repeat it, combine, for example, the currently fashionable pink blush with the “spider legs” on the eyes that Twiggy loved so much.


3. Totally Coral or Rose


Mono makeup is one of the most popular Korean makeup trends. It is not only beautiful but also economical. Because you need only one tool to create an image.

Apply coral or pink lipstick (it will be easier to do this with it than with shadows or blush) to the lips, the apples of the cheeks, and the mobile eyelid. It is better to choose a product with a creamy texture. It will be easier to apply and blend.

Many noticed that coral is particularly complimenting on the compositions of Koreans.


korean lipstick trend
Coral eye makeup and coral lips


Coral tones are on ladies all over the place. Korean cosmetics brands like VDL even have Pantone Color of the Year assortments, and coral alternatives for becoming flushed, eye shadow, and lipstick are constantly accessible, regardless of where you’re shopping. Living Coral hair is even a thing.

Individuals aren’t hesitant to go totally coral with their cosmetics, either. “In case I’m utilizing coral for eye cosmetics, I’ll utilize coral for cheek and lips, too,” Koreans say. “I want to utilize a similar scope of hues.”

For eyes, coral helps give profundity. She clears it all over for a wash of shading or makes a descending shape from the external corners in the cherished “little dog eye” look, a style that has for quite some time been a piece of the Korean cosmetics vocabulary.

When clearing coral onto cheeks, Koreans regularly keep their become flushed focused on the focal point of the apples of their cheeks for a young, lighting up impact.


4. Bright arrows


Put the black liner on hold. Korean women advise you to pay attention to bright colors. Fuchsia, turquoise, purple or, for example, red-the list of options can be continued indefinitely. Use them to draw classic arrows, highlight only the inner corners of the eyes, or even emphasize the crease of the eyelid, as was fashionable in the 60s. All options are acceptable.


Asian makeup looks
Bright arrows. Asian makeup looks.


5. Glossy lips


Glossy coating, similar to jelly, is also popular.

korean makeup artist
Korean lipstick trend: coral glossy lips


It can be bright or almost no different from the color of the lips. If you have a favorite matte lipstick, you can also use it — it will be enough to apply a colorless gloss over it.

korean lipstick trend
Jelly lips. Korean lipstick trend.


I hope you found in this article some new interesting ideas from a Korean makeup artist. Use which ones do you like and become more fashionable and attractive!

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