Spring skincare: 3 steps

A cold trial stripped the skin of its last strength, but the saving spring is near! Change the weather care algorithm: rely on cleansing, moisturizing and fortification.


Get rid of peeling with soft scrubs, peels and mousses. No coarse abrasives and potent acids – choose products designed for sensitive skin and formulas with enzymes. Try, for example, a cleansing facial mousse with enzymes from the Expert series.


Dehydration on the face may appear dull, peeling on the cheekbones, on the tip of the nose, in the corners of the lips. Therefore, now is the time to remember that you need to drink more water. In addition, make it a rule to carry the Oxiology Active Restorative Spray in your purse with you. It has a cooling effect, refreshes, improves tone, removes traces of fatigue.

When choosing a moisturizer, make sure that it contains:

glycerin – softens the skin and relieves it of peeling;

vegetable oils and waxes – prevent the evaporation of moisture.

elastin and collagen – tighten the skin, restore its elasticity.

The most popular moisturizing component is hyaluronic acid. Lotions, creams, and even decorative cosmetics with hyaluronic acid in the composition help to preserve and restore the natural smoothness and elasticity of the skin. Faberlic offers a three-stage systemic skin care Expert Skin Activator. These products provide cascading hydration during the day, enhancing the skin’s natural protection and maintaining its water balance.


A constant lack of vitamins negatively affects the condition of the skin. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits and supplement your diet with dietary supplements. Perfect products from the Beauty Complex series, designed with age in mind.

Use cosmetics, which include:

vitamins A ( Skincare cosmetics retinol ), B, C and E – tone, give the skin a healthy look;

magnesium and calcium – relieve irritation.

Try Vitamania Vitamin Masks. They will restore vitality to the skin and help withstand new challenges.

Spring skincare tips


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